Steam Atomising Desuperheaters

Steam-atomising desuperheaters are cooling systems for controlling the temperatures of steam and hot gases. Their task is to reduce temperatures in pipelines, or to provide process steam with a precisely defined temperature.

Typical places of use

  • Steam cooling, production of saturated steam

Basic technical data

  • Nominal pipe size (steam pipe): from DN150 or 6”
  • Nominal pressure class:
    up to PN400 (ANSI-class 2500)
  • Temperature: up to 600 °C

Main advantages

  • Good heat exchange and low vaporisation time
  • Excellent control performance at partial load
  • Large rangeability possible
  • Cooling to saturated steam temperature possible
  • Low thermoshock hazard
  • Short distance to temperature measurement
  • Better mixing due to turbulence of the motive steam
  • Good vaporisation even at low vapour pressures

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Examples of Steam Atomising Desuperheaters