Motive Steam Cooler

Motive steam coolers are cooling systems for controlling the temperatures of steam and hot gases. Their task is to reduce temperatures in pipelines, or to provide process steam with a precisely defined temperature.

Typical places of use

  • Steam cooling, production of saturated steam

Basic technical data

  • Nominal pipe size (steam pipe): from DN150 or 6”
  • Nominal pressure class:
    up to PN400 (ANSI-class 2500)
  • Temperature: up to 600 °C

Main advantages

  • Good heat exchange and low vaporisation time
  • Excellent control performance at partial load
  • Large rangeability possible
  • Cooling to saturated steam temperature possible
  • Low thermoshock hazard
  • Short distance to temperature measurement
  • Better mixing due to turbulence of the motive steam
  • Good vaporisation even at low vapour pressures

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Examples of Motive Steam Coolers