Three-Way Valve

Typical places of use

  • bypass regulation in the water/steam circuit
  • temperature regulation of steam by superheater bypassing

Basic technical data

  • Nominal pipe size: DN50 … DN700 (2” … 28”)
  • Nominal pressure class: PN25 … PN400 (ANSI class 150 … 2500)
  • Temperature: up to 600 °C

Main advantages

  • It realises the function of 2 control valves, reducing installation costs and requiring only one actuator
  • Defined leakage in the passage through a defined gap between the rotary segment and housing, thus ensuring a minimum flow through the closed connection
  • No vibration fractures, after positioning, the stem is free of forces and torques
  • Straight flow-through permits a permanent pressure loss < 0.1 bar whilst guaranteeing constant control performance
  • Optimal piping due to arrangement of the pipe axes in one plane

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Examples of Three-way valves