Steam Converting Station

The ARTES steam converting station is a control valve for reduction of the steam pressure or regulation of the steam volume as well as for steam cooling. Characteristic for the pressure and quantity regulation of the ARTES steam converting station is multi-stage, sub-critical pressure relief.

Typical places of use

  • Steam pressure reduction valve
  • HP/MP/LP bypass station
  • Transfer station
  • Reheater safety station

Basic technical data

  • Nominal pipe size: DN 50 … DN 800 (2” … 32”)
  • Nominal pressure class: up to PN 400 (ANSI-class 2500)
  • Temperature: up to 600 °C

Main advantages

  • Optimal steam conversion across all application ranges
  • Individual adaptation of the throttle levels
  • Fast steam cooling in all application ranges
  • Low noise due to sub-critical pressure relief
  • Wear parts can be replaced on site

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Examples of Steam Converting Station