Control Ball Valve Type G


Oil, natural gas, water

Typical places of use

  • Compressor station for pressure and quantity regulation
  • Transfer station to industrial consumers
  • Burner control for industrial systems
  • Storage (caverns, porous reservoirs): Solution mining, storage, retrieval, cavern relief

Basic technical data

  • Nominal pipe size: DN25 … DN800 (1”… 32”)
  • Nominal pressure class: PN16 … PN400 (ANSI class 300… 2500)
  • Temperature: –80 … 200 °C

Main advantages

  • The purely metal seal of ball and seat ring ensures the seal in the ball passage
  • The straight flow-through of the valves enables a permanent pressure loss of 0.2 bar whilst guaranteeing constant control performance
  • Fast adaptation of the valve to changes in operational requirements by replacing the control discs
  • Controlled multi-stage pressure relief is possible
  • highly resistant to wear due to its tungsten carbide coating
  • Simple installation and removal, also for welded version

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Examples of Control Ball Valve G